Write notes about who the Almorvids were and what they did.
1. Who were The Almorvids? The Almorvids were people who wanted the kingdom of Ghana to fall and everyone to practice their religion (ISLAM).
2. Who were their leaders? Their leaders were Ibn Yacin and Abu Bakr.
3. When did they take over Ghana? Ghana was overthrown in 1076 or 1077.
They killed all the people that continued to follow their religion. Even though Ouagadoubida was gone.
FROM MS. B: What happened after they attacked Koumbi? What did they do when they got control?

1. Who was after Ibn Yacin? In 1057 Ibn died, and his follower was Abu Bakr took over.
2. What did Abu Bakr do as a leader? In 1062 was ready to invade the Ghanian Empire, by 1067 the Almorvids were hammering the gates of Koumbi.
3. When was Ghana's high point? In the 1060s Ghana had power, the one decade later plunged.