What was the SILENT gold-salt trade?

The SILENT gold-salt trade was from Ghana to Wangaras and back. They would leave gold and salt and trade, but, they would NEVER SEE each other.

How did the SILENT trade work?

The Ghanaian would come to a sight on a river bank and place salt there, then leave, just a mile away and drum to signal the Wangara and the start of the trade. The Wangara would come and leave gold (about a pound of gold for about a pound of salt) and drum on their way out. The Ghanaian would take the gold, drum, and leave. The Wangara would come and take the salt and GO!

How did Ghana profit?

If you went out of the borders of the empire, you had to pay people to cross and also to cross back. That money went into Ghana. (unsure)

How did Ghanians earn money?

They made people pay when they traveled through Ghana

Explain how it worked, and how Ghana profited.

Without salt all people would NOT be able to live. In Africa, some places had a lot of salt and others had none so a trade was formed. In this trade salt and gold were traded. There was one, salt trade called the silent trade because it involved no communication between the two sides. It went something like this: Arab traders would enter Ghana with their different goods. They would then meet Ghanian middlemen who would lead them to their specific trading spot on the banks of the rivers of the gold country. When they arrived they would beat large drums to signal the opening of the market. They then placed their salt and other goods on the river bank, and left the trade spot, traveling miles and miles away. After the traders had left the gold miners of Wangara arrived at the banks with their gold. They would leave a pile of gold beside the goods the traders had left, then they would also leave the trading site. If they merchants came back a second time and found the amount of gold they were left satisfactory they would take their gold and leave, but if they they were not left enough gold in return for their goods they would leave the gold touched and leave the site once more hoping that the miners would reconsider. This went on until both trading sides were happy. Ghana profited because no merchant could go from Taghaza to Wangara without passing through Ghana. So every merchant had to pay Ghana with a certain amount of gold to go in and out of Ghana.

The reason it was called the silent trade was because the Wangara didn't want to be seen or be found so this is why the trade happened so weirdly.

From Ms. B: You must, must, must use the word TAX on this page.
Oh... and why didn't people MIND paying high & frequent taxes?

People coming to trade had to pay a tax of 1 gold brick for each caravan or camel they brought into Ghana. This happened each time they went into Ghana and each time they went out of Ghana they would have to pay 2 gold bricks instead.