Write Questions and Answers about the Koumbi Marketplace!

1 What is Koumbi the capital of?


2 What were the 2 cities Koumbi was separated into?

El-Ghaba and Koumbi

3 What kind of things were in Koumbi?

Markets, Mosques, Homes etc.

- Oladunni

1. Where was one of the greatest maketplaces in?


2. What was located in the grove by the castle in Koumbi?


3. What was mostly traded or sold in the marketplace?

Gold or salt

- Dan

1.What other goods were for sale in Koumbi besides gold and salt?

There was cattle, sheep, honey, wheat, raisins, dried fruit and other foods as well. Also, chigguyiya (cloth), blouses, robes, leather, silk, seashells, copper, ivory, and pearls.