Alright everyone, here's what the quest will look like:free_directions_clipart.jpg

Part One: Map:

You'll need to identify and draw the main trade routes and label major cities/regions (you''ll be given the names, don't worry, you won't need to spell them). A map of Koumbi might be on here, too.

Part Two: Quick Answers:

I will ask you questions like the ones on this Wiki. Be ready to answer with quick sentences.

Part Three: Matching

Lots of terms, names, etc. for you to match with "definitions"

Part Four: Short Answer

You'll do one "meatier" piece of writing. Tell the story of Ougadoubida? Explain what the Almorvids did? Explain the steps of the silent trade? Any other guesses? (Feel free to list them below - what else might I ask that would require a meatier answer? Maybe a question like the one from class today? Hmmm.... )
Maybe how the Ghana fell, and how the 2 stories where connected! By Ellie