CARAVAN: Camels carried supplies through the desert or other locations, bringing stuff to people. (ex. They would bring food to Taghaza)

ISLAM: It's a religion.
Common in Ghana back then.

PAGAN: A person who believes in a religion which Gods are animals/ animal spirits


MIDDLEMAN: The people who collected money of the Merchants coming into Ghana to sell their wares.
A middleman is someone who arranges business details

IBN YACIN: He was the leader of the Almoravids.
He thought that everyone should follow his religion. And those who didnt were killed.

IBN BATTUTA: He was a Historian. (From Ms. B --> why do we care about him? Why was he an impt historian? - hint, it has to do with the next term)
He was the resource to all the thing we know about Taghaza.

ORAL HISTORY:History that is passed down by being told

SIA: A beautiful girl who had been chosen to be sacrificed to Ouagadou-Bida the mighty serpent. But her boyfriend ( named Amadou Sefedokete) and her had just gotten engaged.So the boyfriend hid in the Sacred Grove when the serpent lived and when it came out he chopped its head off till… 7 heads later it died. They then ran away.