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Q: What did the slave miners in Taghaza use as currency?

A: The miners in Taghaza used salt slabs for currency.

Q: What was Taghaza's main source of income?

A: Salt

Q: How did Ibu Battuta describe Taghaza as?

A: He described it as a unattractive village, with the curious feature that its houses and mosques were built of salt with camel skin roofs. In the sand there was a salt mine where they found slab after slab of salt.
Q: What kind of place was Taghaza.
A: A barren, boring place. NO food,water, activities etc. But lots of salt.

Q: Was food grown locally there? Or did they have to wait for it to come to them?

A: No, food was't grown there. They had to wait up to 20 days for food to come, which consisted of millet, camel steaks, and dates.

Q: Through when did the salt mines still continue with slaves?

A: Through the 16th century, yet salt is still mined there, just not by slaves.

Q: Did others live in Taghaza (other then slaves)?

A: No, the place was so miserable that the only residents where the salt slaves.