What did the Wangarian people mine for?


What did the Wangarians mostly trade gold for?


Who were the Wangarians?

Waragarians were the people who lived in Wangara. They were a big part of teh gold salt trade. They supplied the merchants from Ghana gold in exchange for salt.

What's plentiful in Ghana?

How did the Wangarians get to the trading site?

By river - they canoed.
Q: Where was Wangara?

A: No one knew where Wangara was exactly, but the people who knew kept it a secret.

Q: What would happen if some one tried to find Wangara?

A: Based on a tale, several merchants kidnapped a Wangara gold miner and tried to force him to tell them where Wangara was. The miner went to his death without saying anything. It angered the people of Wangara so much they stopped
trading gold for 3 years. They started trading again just because of the lack of salt.

Q: How did Wangara trade?

A: They did what was called the Silent trade. They would trade without ever seeing each other's faces. This is also how they remained secret.

by Galvarez