Wangara: Was the area where a lot of gold was mined. The Wangarians traded for salt and got to their trading sites by canoe, so that their location would not be revealed. Mali struggled to have full control over the wangarians, for they were very independent.

Almorvids: A group of people who thought everyone should practice their religion which was Islam. They were run by Ibn Yacin until he died in 1057 and Abu Bakr took over. They took over the kingdom of Ghana in 1076.

Tagahaza: Was a barren, boring place where there was no food, and slaves would mine for the enormous amounts of salt which was traded. The slaves who worked were the only residents of Tagahaza because of the horrible conditions. Many died of hunger or thirst for food was 20 days away.

Mandingoes: Were the residents of the early kingdom of Mali (considered unimportant). They spoke the language of Mande and accepted the religion of Islam early on.

Sumanguru: Was the horrible Sosso king who attempted to kill the successful, Sundiata for he was king of Mali. He constructed an Army to defeat Sundiata, though he died mysteriously. His death is told in different ways in many different stories, in one version, he dies when shot by the chicken feather of an arrow and then becomes one with a rock formation. <- from Ms. B reword this answer... say more about his death (and when!).