Niani- The capital of Mali, which Sundiata declared. Sundiata was born in Niani. Had great learning center. Had great smart scholars and traders.

Mecca- Mecca was in Egypt. It was known as "the Holy city of Islam". It was 1 of the 5 pillars where you have to make your hajj. Mecca was thousands of miles from Niani. Mansa Musa had his great glittering hajj/pilgrimage here.

Takedda- Had great copper mines which helped Mansa Musa's gold salt trade route thrive. 250 miles east of Gao. Munsa wanted the mines, and eventually got it. It was a center of caravan trade routes. 12,000 camels passed through each year.

Mansa Karifa- Was Sundiata's 2nd son and took the throne when Wali died. He was CRAZY INSANE and shot arrows at his subjects for fun
. He also started the chain of the bad rulers in Mali.

Wangara: Was the area where a lot of gold was mined. The Wangarians traded for salt and got to their trading sites by canoe, so that their location would not be revealed. Mali struggled to have full control over the wangarians, for they were very independent.


-The capital of Ghana
-was conquered in 1203 by the Almorvids
-busiest marketplace in West Africa
-gold dust was traded usually

Mansa Wali

-Very religious [mansa]
-His Hajj opened new trade routes


Sundiata - Sundiata was the 1st king of Mali. When Sumanguru, the leader of the sossos, was attacking, Sundiata killed Sumanguru with a ROOSTER feather arrow.

Es Saheli - Es Saheli was a poet and a architect. When Mansa Musa saw Gao's Mosque, he hired Es Saheli to build a new mosque.

Islam - Islam is the religion of Muslims. Revealed through Muhammed as the prophet of Allah. The 5 pillars are the 5 things that a strict Muslim must do. Here are the 5 pillars... 1) To believe 2)Daily prayers 3) Fasting durring Ramadan 4) almsgiving 5) go to Mecca (the HAJJ) LOOK AT % PILLARS OF ISLAM (THANKS BOB!)

Mansa Musa - Mansa Musa was the 10th king of Mali. He was powerful by army and by money. He also promoted Mali to let it be known to the world and conquered many. Very religous and made huge hajj.

Gao - The capital of Songhay. The city that Mansa Musa's son captured when he was on his hajj. When Mansa visited there he took two princes back with him who later escaped to end Mali.

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