Mansa Karifa
- Was Sundiata's 2nd son and took the throne when Wali died
- He was INSANE and shot arrows at his subjects for fun
. He also started the chain of the bad rulers in Mali.

Mansa Wali
-Very religious [mansa]
-His Hajj opened new trade routes
-Sundiata's 1st son
- known as red king
- pretty good ruler, not as good as father but good.

Mansa Maghan ll (there has been a little confusion about this,but i got to the bottom of it)

- Mansa Musas son
- not good ruler-let songay princes escape, (princes from gao)
-lost timbuktu as part of Mali
- Is named after Maghan Con Fatta , Sundiatas dad. (this was wher the confusion was)

Techniclly the princes escaped when Mansa Musa got back so we don't know who let them escape excactly
-Dan (viva la vida)

Ibn Yacin:
-First leader of Almorvoids
-died in 1057
-established almorvoids
- didn't like pagans
-wanted to take over Koumbi

Ibn Battuta:
- Ancient historian
-wrote down details about Ghana and Mali
-was one of only people back then to write stuff down and not to pass it orally